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Olive Branch, Mississippi 2 comments
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Shannon Steede/ Shannon Michael was terminated by Pathmark Transportation for stealing $$. Shannon Steede was an independent agent for Pathmark Transportation and we caught him accepting CC payments from his customers and getting commissions on them.

When we went to invoice the customers, they told us that they already paid Shannon Steede with a CC. We immediately terminated the contract with Mr. Steede and paid him monies that were not even due to him, just to shut him up. Shannon ended up hacking our system and harassing our vendors and customers.

I no longer work for Pathmark, but I can say that they have been in business for over 30 years and they have always did the right thing. They have perfect credit (look it up) and they are very reputable in this industry. The only negative things online about Pathmark come from Shannon Steede. Now he attacking my business and my name.

Google him and you will find an abundance of information about him. If you google all the bad things he has said about me, you will know that's its all fake. If you look up Mr. Steede you will find that he has said the same bad things about Blue Grace Logistics (reputable company), GlobalTranz (reputable company), CR England (reputable company) Pathmark Transportation (reputable company), Freightcenter (reputable company).

He has said I am a criminal, with multiple bankruptcies.

That is all public information and you will find that it is false. Before making judgement on me, Pathmark Transportation, Blue Grace Logistics, Enfiled Logistics, GlobalTranz, CR England, please google "Shannon Steede" and you will have all of your answers.

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Memphis, Tennessee, United States #1211075

All those post were posted by you.

Port Saint Lucie, Florida, United States #1211069

How funny is this. I know Robert and I know that this is another one of his ways to try and make himself look professional.

I know for a fact this is a lie and I hope that he gets sued for slander.

Watch out for Robert Enfield.

If you look at all the reviews about him and Pathmark transportation you will see a pattern that pathetic attempts to make others look bad but never addressing the truth.

Unfortunately for Robert Enfield we are on the watch for him and will be sure to post more information about Robert Enfield.

Stonesteede - Shannon

Tampa, Florida 17 comments
Not resolved

I came across a BLOG contained of mindless ramblings by the notorious Shannon "Stone" Steede. He tried some damage control but the website is filled only with verifiable facts. It contains bankruptcies, scams, his last known whereabouts, etc. Shannon makes a big point to say that he isn't hiding. If that's true, Shannon, than WHERE ARE YOU? I am sure all of the debt collectors would love to know where they can serve you.

Shannons BLOG: reads the following:

Well, as the investigation continues I figured that I can post truths instead of childish graffiti as some obvious disturbed person feels the need to post. (Childish graffiti? Isn't that what you do, Shannon, in your cowardly anonymous posts about USHIP, Freightcenter, Blue grace, Global Tranz and many others??)

As our friends know, we love to travel and see the great wonders on the US. After selling our home last year, we have been traveling throughout the US and loving every minute of it. (Running, Shannon. Call it what it is)

To have a registered vehicle it takes an address, a drivers license and bank account. The notion that we are traveling and hiding is funny since we get our mail weekly, our phones have GPS and we have bank accounts, pay taxes and a physical address. (the physical address that your vehicles and cell phone belong to is in North Carolina and not a house that you reside in. I bet the state and the IRS would love to know that)

We file our taxes. With all the traveling we do the write offs are awesome!

I do not own Anyfreight, World Cargo, I do not sell insurance and my child is in school and advanced for her age. I am a christian and love God. (did you sell those scams like freight88? Your linkedin very recently said that you were the owner of WCI. Was that a lie? Or did it go bankrupt like the others?)

Have I pissed off people? You betcha. Usually the ones that lie to me or steal from me, I hold their feet to the fire and had warn others of the same potential damage. I am a strong willed person who does not due well with stupidity and it is obvious by the "anonymous" posts about me the *** people are angry. Grrrr (Shannon, it's DO WELL, not due well... speaking of stupidity. And I am sure you can narrow down the anonymous posts to the few dozen people you screwed over or the companies you blast on this website)

For those of you who need to feed your oddly mental fixation on me, bring it. If you need updated photos of me, let me know, I'll friend you on facebook, lol. I have nothing to hide and those who know and work with me are my witness of me personally the rest of the trolls who do not know anything about my but speculate you do, I will pray for you. I feel sorry for you. There is a great article HERE about those who feel empowered posting false information anonymously. Hiding behind anonymous posts makes you look pathetic and has the absolute opposite reaction to those that have half a brain. You know, people more intelligent than you or should I say just about everyone else walking the earth

(Shannon, why don't you go ahead and submit a recent photo along with where you are - since you have nothing to hide). SOme of the posts on this website about you say that you're days are done. Well, Shannon, the world gets to know about you now. You've burned your last bridge and all freight companies will know about you now.





Shannon Steede has a new 'business':

Marshall Bumpers registered down in Port Saint Lucie FL

Already Marshall Bumper Scams and Rip Offs are pouring in: Somethings never change.


Be ware of his new scam

Clearwater, Florida, United States #1006927

This is a known liar and conman. Steer clear of anything he is involved with. Most recent scam is a company called

Tallahassee, Florida, United States #966091

Shannon Steede March 31, 2015 this psychopath is back from hiding trying to pull more transportation trucking scams in Florida. The infamous Stone steede has registered a new fraud company located in the state of Florida to rip off freight shipping customers via wordpress advertising. He also sells freight insurance as another shipping scam then does not pay claims and has no insurance license he just steals your money


A Christian would not do the things this man does. He can call himself a duck, but that doesn't make him one.

A person's actions reveal their character and beliefs. His actions show him to be petty, hateful and deceitful. As Christ would say to those who claimed him falsely, ""I don't know you or where you come from.

Away from me, all you evildoers!".

P.S. Usually people that have to TELL you they're Christians are NOT Christians.


He's in Florida

2008 sw Import dr

Port saint lucie Fl 34953

cell # 704-615-1020

I just met him,, total ***!

He wants service done yesterday and then writes a bad review under a false name good luck


Seems this person has scammed our company out of a good bit of money under the company name of WCI. Does anyone know his current whereabouts?

Marietta, Georgia, United States #677257

He now works at England Logistics

to ***cerned citizen #847097

Thank you so much!


He's now working with Ex Freight. his phone# is 877-208-5645 x 727 and is going as Shannon Michael

to ***cerned Pompano Beach, Florida, United States #666071

He no does not work for or represent Exfreight anymore.


SC? I am shocked to think there are any more rocks for him to crawl under there.

Figured he burned both of the Carolina's by now. Maybe since he's surfacing he'll start paying that back child support.


shannon steede sighting in SC. seems he is staying in campgrounds within 20 mile radius of anderson. even has the gall to show his face at our hall and act like nothing has happened.


log anto and you will see that shannon did not own his last known address or any other address in sc. he rented it from the real owner and had all of us shammed into believing that he owned it.

even had all of us over for bbq's to flaunt it. what a liar!!!!!!!!!!

to we know better! Greenville, South Carolina, United States #580058

Seems Shannon and family have resettled in Anderson, SC again. This info is current as of Nov 2012.

They rent a house like they did last time in the same vicinity. I personally will be notifying child protective services about his daughters truency. I will be notifying DOR/IRS and as soon as i get a physical address i will post it so anyone who is looking for him can find him with ease. He would have been better crawling under a rock instead of showing his face around here.



now you can see what others are saying about Shannon "Stone" Steede. Check out the latest updates on

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Exposing a fraud:

Tampa, Florida 3 comments
Not resolved

For all of you freight companies, 3PL's, Cargo Insurance providers, ebay shippers, business that relies on shipping freight, for all of the competition out there that has been spammed, harrassed and extorted on the internet from the notorious cyberstalker Shannon "Stone" Steede, there is now one place to find the trail of breadcrumbs that this *** has left behind.

this site will be updated daily with anything and everything shannon stone steede. all of his bankruptcies, all of his scams, all of his lawsuits and judgments, all of his fraudulent companies and websites and all of the pissedconsumer links, even his houses, cars, open warrants for skipping out on child support, you name it. Shannon is done. There are no other rocks that this guy can hide in.

Join the discussions as they post and finally put an end to this never ending stringe of scams that is this vagabond in an RV with a laptop.



Honored to have childish haters.


now you can see what others are saying about Shannon "Stone" Steede. Check out the latest updates on


Anyone been burned by Shannon at Freight 88??

you are not alone. check out to see his other scams and frauds.

Stonesteede - Shannon "SCAM" Steede getting desperate?

Tampa, Florida 13 comments
Not resolved

I heard that Shannon "Stone" Steede is on the run again. I wonder if he's just running out of companies and people to screw over.

Now this morning he's posting spam about Blue Grace and USHIP again. It's been years since he's screwed over USHIP and their customers and Global Tranz and yet he's STILL blasting them with bullsh*t on this website where he doesn't have to use his real name. He must be getting desperate.

What a coward.

Maybe all the debt collectors or the cops in Massachusetts chasing him for child support finally drove him under ground where he belongs.



he is in Port st lucie florida up to his old habbits . crying like a little baby when he doesnt get his way.everyone has caught on to his game and action is being taken.


He is now operating under the name of Shannon Michael (his middle name).


i just heard the prince of debtors is still scamming his way around the country. it's amazing he still manages to snake his way around the transportation world.

shannon steede has been quiet for a while. thought his past finally caught up with him.


Love haters. Go to


now you can see what others are saying about Shannon "Stone" Steede. Check out the latest updates on


go visit and see why the scammers are retaliating. Anonymous graffiti is very childish.


Come visit read why there are crazy anonymous posts about him


i just read a list of judgments against him on

hope freight companies and freight shippers know to kick this guy to the curb


For an updated list on his scams, judgments against and bankruptcies, check out


i went on and there's a ton of info on this ***. all freight companies need to beware not to let this *** into your company!


check out the website dedicated to outing his scams

Updates to come daily!


is this the same douche bag from freight88 and world cargo insurance? this guys got more fronts than the mob.


THIS Shannon Steede?

Bankruptcy queen?

Debtor Details


SSN: 017-64-xxxx

Debtor Address: 3507 TALWYN CT, CHARLOTTE, NC 28269-8678 (Mecklenburg COUNTY)

Debtor Spouse Details


SSN: 025-58-xxxx

Debtor Address: 41 UPPER COUNTY RD, SOUTH DENNIS, MA 02660-3610 (Barnstable COUNTY)

Bankruptcy Details

Chapter: 7

Case Number: 06-13431

Filing Date: 09/29/2006

Status Date: 05/28/2008

Status: Discharge

Reopen: No

Filing Asset: Yes

Attorney Name: RICHARD J COHEN

Attorney Business Name: RICHARD J COHEN ESQ PC

Attorney Address: PO BOX 1085, CENTERVILLE, MA 02632-1085 (Barnstable COUNTY)

Attorney Phone: (508) 771-6401


Trustee Address: PO BOX 850973, BRAINTREE, MA 02185-0973 (Norfolk COUNTY)

Trustee Phone: (781) 849-1136



Court Name: MA - MAIN - BOSTON

Court Address: 10 CAUSEWAY STREET #1101 11TH FLOOR, BOSTON, MA

Court Phone: (617) 748-5300

CR 341 Meeting Date: 03/26/2008

CR 341 Meeting Time: 09:00:00

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